Ariens walk behinds mowers are in a class of their own. Easy starting, ergonomic controls, effortless manoeuvring and, what we believe to be, the best finish possible from a rotary lawnmower. The Ariens Razor is a first class lawnmower built to professional standards. With a 53cm (21”) cutting deck, the Razor can quickly mow a larger garden with ease.

This machine is at the forefront of mower design. RiteHite technology ensures maximum comfort in operation and the minimal amount of storage space at the end of the day. Completing the Ariens range, the Classic LM is a no-nonsense, heavy-duty lawnmower that has been designed to provide years of hard work in all cutting conditions. Despite being intended for homeowner use, thousands of commercial operators value the Classic LM for its immaculate finish and ultra-reliable performance.

Introducing Ariens zero-turn mowers is the faster way to mow larger lawns. A zero-turn ride-on mower can turn on a sixpence
and mow your lawn in half the time of a conventional lawn tractor the reason is simple. Few people want to spend a large
proportion of their weekend mowing the lawn. An Ariens Zoom or IKON-X completes the work in no time at all. What makes a
zero-turn so fast? Rather than the conventional steering system found on a lawn tractor or out-front mower, a zero-turn is driven
and steered by the rear wheels via an independent transmission. Two handlesare all you need to drive brake and steer.

This system enables you to spin on the spot no three point turn at the end of the cutting pass. After just a few minutes practice, the
controls feel second nature. You can easily and precisely cut around flowerbeds, trees or garden ornaments.