For over 30 years Countax has led the way in designing and manufacturing of garden tractors and ride on lawn mowers and it’s a state of the art facility utilising the very latest manufacturing technology.

Countax designs all of its products to specifically cope with the unique conditions of the British climate. Electronic controls are fully weatherproofed while painted components have surpassed 500 hours of continuous salt spray exposure without corrosion one of the most stringent tests available. Many lawnmowers struggle to mow wet grass.

The grass plant leaves become heavier when they’re wet and clump together when cut. For most lawnmowers especially those which collect wet grass is too difficult. A lot of ride on lawn mowers rely on air flow to collect grass clippings leaving them prone to clogging. Wet clippings block in the cutter and limit the effectiveness of the collector. Eventually, the cutter deck and discharge chute of the collector will jam up with sticky grass clippings. Carry on and the mower may even be damaged. A Countax garden tractor cuts and collects in a totally different way. The Countax system doesn’t rely on air flow to collect grass cuttings.

Instead a powered brush driven by the tractor’s power take off sweeps the clippings from the lawn. The power grass collector is effective in wet or dry conditions and, because of its design out performs almost every other type of collector on the market. It’s why Countax tractors are so popular in Britain. Because a Countax collector works on the ground it has been fitted with a heavy lawn roller. This means that unlike almost all other ride on lawnmowers a Countax can stripe a lawn whilst it mows.